No Jumper Podcast The Usher & Zaytoven Interview

Usher just dropped a really dope project called "A" with Zaytoven. They put it together less than 2 weeks ago during a period of 5 days and just like that, here it is. The project features Future and Gunna and is overall just a really dope return to more of a pure Atlanta sound for Usher. I was lucky enough to get them in the studio for a chat and had a great time, check it!

0:18 La & Atlanta 1:38 Whats your friendship like

4:25 Music about women 7:20 Influences for that 8:20 Have you always stayed in touch with popular music 8:54 What are you listening to now a days 9:20 Will you move as partners in the future

10:26 Future & Gunna 13:34 Transitioning between generations 15:50 Does the stadium change your musical perspective? 17:30 Adam getting Usher interview 18:18 Usher day job - first million

20:13 Conflicting lyrics 21:02 Putting a lot out there 21:33 Plastic surgery lyric 22:45 Ideas on The A

23:16 Adam in Atlanta 23:54 What gives you pleasure 24:58 Have you gotten to a point you felt trapped in your own world 26:26 Flying vs Tour Bus 27:26 Poetic justice and Shazam sound track 29:15 Where you soaking up game from people around you 30:25 Church influence 31:01 People thinking your twins 31:41 The star 34:27 Moving around alone 34:47 Do you prefer female energy on your team 36:35 Doing the whole project in a week 38:23 Anything else we should know?



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  • Added on: Nov 15th, 2018