No Jumper Podcast The Tay600 Interview

Tay 600 came through the studio to talk growing up in Chicago, the rise of Chief Keef, and more

1:31 linking with polo g and finding him first 7:28 chief keef popping off while he was in the streets and having to grow up quick in Chicago

9:14 becoming a BD

11:53 catching a gun charge at 14 13:39 keef coming out and making Chicago famous and everyone blowing up

20:12 la capone 22:05 people being drawn to the violence in Chicago

24:18 everyone get caught up in 5 years ago gun case and not snitching

28:52 police trying to get him to snitch

31:14 rondo beef 34:32 having to cut dreads to fight

35:03 guit from being free and friends in jail

39:49 never going back to his block again

40:34 lil durk getting locked up and beef with Durk and VON beating a case

46:03 moving differently so he won’t go to jail

50:09 lil Reese getting jumped and breezy 54:18 69 snitching

1:00:44 rico reckless

1:05:37 whats next in music FOLLOW OUR NEW SPOTIFY PLAYLIST!


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  • Added on: Jul 8th, 2019