No Jumper Podcast The No Jumper Show Ep. 34

1:15 Adam breaks down where the covid is coming from
2:41 Housephone is skeptical about the whole thing
4:51 How did it change the hosts lives?
6:31 Housephone secret project
7:02 How long is this going to last??
8:13 Adam heavily back on his bmx during these times
9:35 Housephone gets his info from Black Vegan Tube?
9:57 Housephone has no interest in listening conscious rap
10:22 Father spitting on a fan while on tour
12:47 R Kelly in the news again! "Hurt people, hurt people"
16:03 EDM is wack and Adam doesn't understand why it's big
18:45 The new music genre that's going to come out of that covid pandemic
19:43 What the hosts do during the pandemic
21:29 How to adjust during the crazy times, stores, bank, rent, etc.
23:15 How does covid affects Youtubers?
27:15 Snapchat show
29:12 Adam talks about playing poker
30:32 Adam talks about being more productive during the quarantine
32:10 All the gyms are closed and interviews are canceled
32:28 What happens when people can't afford food?
34:00 Rich people taking advantage of young people
34:35 Cam recaps what facilities are closed
35:04 Is Lena going to see an increase of user on onlyfans?
35:59 Alexis Sky
38:33 Chief Keef arrested in Mexico
42:52 Young Berg hit his girlfriend
45:56 Trap Lore on Bobby Shmurder and Pop Smoke incriminating lyrics
51:34 Fashionova is suing 6ix9ine
53:00 Who is scared of covid and how bad it might get
56:40 Taking things for granted and not realizing are serious the situation is
1:01:05 Jay Electronica run down
1:05:31 Adam brings out the InputMag article
1:09:57 Housephone talks about ordering food and getting sick 1:11:36 What is still open?
1:13:20 Adam make predictions of who will have covid in the rap world
1:15:35 Pokemon go content not aging well vs covid
1:17:51 The italian meme with people screaming from their balcony
1:21:35 Is Gaby still in jail?
1:22:13 Housephone plays 6 degrees of Covid separation with Drake
1:26:21 Jay Electronica bars
1:26:59 Housephone wants to bring back IG live beef 1:27:35 6ix9ine vs King Von
1:28:23 Uzi vs Rich the Kid?
1:29:21 Blueface new album
1:30:13 Housephone wants to quarantine together and vlog the whole experience
1:31:03 Yes Julz lies about traveling to Paris
1:33:00 "Mooking"


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  • Added on: Mar 18th, 2020