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Real Talk! I speak on very personal subjects here. Recognize, anything you do, there is a certain price to pay. I recognized the price I am paying & I recognize I want to be God's grace once again. I believe I have found that grace once again, however, when I recorded it, I wasn't too sure at the time. So what is G.O.D's GRace? Well, we are always in G.O.D.s Grace my people, for G.O.D. is within us & the energy we project out, whether negative or positive is what is returned to us; Karma; The Balance Now religion will tell you their opinions. Truth is we do not know G.O.D.'s thoughts or intentions no matter what religion wants to tell you, be logical. Ironically enough, I am sharing with you my own opinion, go figure. I tell you one thing for certain... G.O.D. is NOT exclusive - Peace


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