Michel Montecrossa Unity Is Cool

Unity Is Cool
Unity is cool it‘s foolproof.
The two-dimensional society isn‘t true.
The rich and the poor driftin‘ apart
is not what we need, ain‘t good for the heart.
Food must be there for everyone
and shelter for the old and the young,
joy for all, for nature and soul.
Unity is cool

Unity is cool it‘s foolproof.
Alone you can‘t live, you can only die, for sure.
Together we love, together we smile.
Together we grow and build our life.
Together we find out what satisfies.
Our children are happy if we stay unified.
Unity is cool ‘cause you don‘t need to hide.
Unity is cool

Unity is cool it‘s foolproof.
Shows what to do, itself is the clue.
Together we can change, find out the true,
right what went wrong, the barriers remove,
join hands for the work of saving the world,
put ..


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