Michel Montecrossa The Thunder Woman Of Love & Freedom

The Thunder Woman Of Love & Freedom

The Thunder Woman I am of Love and Freedom,
the girl I am and the mother.
The old I am and the unborn,
longing I am, giving birth to the nations.

You who hate me, why do you love me
and hate those who love me?
I am the whore and I am the holy.
I am the wife and I am the virgin.

You who deny me, come to embrace me.
And you who embrace me, come to deny me.
I’m the stillness of the unforeseen
and the vision I am that can see.

You who tell the truth about me,
are telling lies about me.
And you who have lied about me,
are telling the truth about me.

I am the voice whose sounds are many,
I’m the utterance of my own name.
I am shameless and I’m ashamed.
I am shy and I am bold.

I’m tough and I am sweet
for I’m knowledge and I’m the good deed.


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