Mirakali The Kiss Of Cyberdreams

The Kiss Of Cyberdreams (by Mirakali)

You cross the border-line.
You want to feel the kiss
of cyberdreams cosying you
with tenderness of freedom.
You open the door
and step into this world.

You have seen
the precious dreams.
And suddenly
you can move away the walls.
You break through the walls
and see immediately
what lies behind.

There is a wonderful landscape,
with a majestic white mountain
that rises into the sky.
And an eagle flies high above.

Rivers find their way to the ocean
behind the horizon.

Trees with many birds
that sing the melodies of a new world.

Light sparkling on the dew
lying on the grass.
Flowers open to the rising sun.
Then you feel the kiss of cyberdreams,
the dreams that are on the way
to a new reality.
They unfold with happy laughing.
They dance in the light


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