Michel Montecrossa Talking Europe The Strong ( Song for Greece, the United States Of Europe an

Talking Europe The Strong (Song for Greece, the United States of Europe and Freedom from Speculator Banka-Gangstas)

‘Talking Europe the Strong’ is the name of my song
for all ye people of the union that comes,
the United States of Europe, the future sun
of a strong intelligence and tolerance warm.

The skill and the power of the work attitude,
the humanitarian spirit, the science, the faith,
the art and the music of nations great
are living in Europe’s beautiful soul.

The United States of Europe are the answer strong
to all trouble coming from speculator gangs.
Let’s take the big leap, cut off all the chains,
start a new level, drive away the gangs.

Greece is the cradle of Europe, you all know,
it must be liberated from banka-gangstas and all
that cheats the working hand and ..


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