Mirakali Ocean

Description: Ocean (by Mirakali)

Together we walk hand in hand at the shore.
Together we see the future like a rising sun
reflecting its light inside our dreams.

Ocean of love, strong and wild.
Ocean of love, sweet and one.
Ocean of freedom, heroic and wide.
Ocean of tenderness, sweet like paradise.

Together we fly to the stars
with our starship of ecstasy.
With our love we are free
to be what we wanna be,
to see what love alone can see.

We touch the unknown, we cross the line.
We turn to the light, we speed it up.
Memories of tomorrow, power of the now,
reborn in the pearling tears of happiness
and bliss felt so sweet and deep.
Together with you in the same moment of love.

Dawn somewhere in another galaxy.
Creation of a new world in space and time.
Courage for a new life,
love for you and our ..


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