Michel Montecrossa Magic Circle


Felt a little burnt out and rested for a while
and took a deep breath just to see another minute passing by.
Another minute and another chance to see it all again
and see it all turn round
that Magic Circle,
that Magic Circle of Love.

Everyone has its own magic, everyone is unique,
every man and every woman is a mystery
with many a life as its key.
It’s still some way to go, some way, some scenes.
Some things still have to be said and still
more to be done,
for that Magic Circle,
for that Magic Circle to be complete.

Where moons and suns have both their home
and all the births once began
there all the thoughts are dreams
searching for life in many a universe:
There love is our secret key to all the bliss
to come, for all the union to be born
of that Magic Circle,
of that Magic Circle of Love.

You should not wait, you should not rest,
while the waters still move on.
The circle still is turning
in the dark abysm into the living heart.
We have it all close to us, the beauty
of the soul
and that Magic Circle,
that Magic Circle of Love.
Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany


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