Michel Montecrossa Fire Of The Morning Star

Fire Of The Morning Star Come nearer all ye lovers and listen to my song ‘bout the fire of the morning star. The curtains of the night are no longer on our hearts, we will make it through every war, hm-m, with the morning fire, the fire of the morning star. The battle it is fierce and the name of death is hunger and shadows of doom grow longer. We find us in the pain, the horror and thunder. The phantoms of the dark only make us stronger and the wind and the leaves are a-singin‘ of the fire of the morning star. We pray for our souls and those of all the others who suffer, cryin‘ for the mother. The things that are wrong, they must be ended and the end, I tell you, is around the bend: it‘s the world where we are true lovers and are like the morning star. There‘s something that‘s above .


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