Michel Montecrossa Earth Mystery Song

The Earth Mystery is revealed
in our union with the world,
in the communication of each cell
of our body with the earth,
with the whole planet
and with the sun,
with the solar system,
with the cosmic all.

The Earth Mystery is revealed
in the union of our souls,
in the relation of each spark
of consciousness with all,
with all the beings
and with all hearts,
with wishes and yearnings,
with world-wide love.

The Earth Mystery is revealed
in the nature of this globe,
in its wind and rain,
in its fi re and cold,
in its kindness and wrath,
in the growth of its fruits,
in its endurance in time
to be our home.

The Earth Mystery is revealed
through ecology and love,
through knowledge and hope,
through wisdom and truth,
through respect for the earth
and her wonderful soul.
You can feel and ..


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