Michel Montecrossa Dream Space

Dream Space

Want to dive off the roof?
Want to be a high diver?
Want to know how many levels
your Dream Space has?

I’m in touch with your heart,
in touch with all you got.
Mine is the vision of your soul.
My Dream Space, baby, is the all.

Check out the wonder that’s you.
Check out what’s a-touchin’ you.
Nothin’ is fixed if you’re true.
The Dream Space, baby, is you.

Want to dive deep into my heart?
Want to be where the world won’t fall apart?
Want to know how many sides
your vision has within my eyes?

Want to be a good lovin’ baby?
Want to be a good lookin’ dream?
I want to kiss the wide moment
of your Dream Space free.

Want to try what never has been tried?
Want to see with me the light?
Want to know what it is
that’s within my Dream Space kiss?

What are you doing, honey,
in the ..


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