Midsplit & NGO Too Damn Scared

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I am so so excited to announce I am back with my first new single in over 4 months! @midsplit and I have been holding onto this project for a little while now and I'm so glad it finally gets to see the light of day. @liakuri is one of the most talented singers I've had the chance to work with and hopefully you guys will love it as much as we do <3

You know I've got some things I want to tell you that I've been holding in But lately I've been trying not to dwell too much on your constant sin towards me haven't heard a sorry I was in too deep spent the whole time pardoning in ecstasy and I can't get far enough from you So I'm taking space to help me heal But your god damn face breaks down my shield in my vision at the worst times try to fission but too intertwined
Always liked a chase but quick to feel Thought I'd be disgraced to take a kneel And be the one who really cares but you're losing cause you're too damn scared
Sterilize your eyes so I don't get a mix of messages again This time I'm really trying to move along sincerely done with the pretend of saying I'm over it I'm feeling fine then I come over quick and then we're lying together trying to measure if
  • Added on: Nov 3rd, 2018