Miah Travis The Lover's Revenge

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Description: Fall in love was the kind of edgy, warning-packed harmonic of which highlighted one of the many blueprints of Erykah Badu's career. This time around, 21-year-old Miah Travis flips the record into a bastard's paradise. "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but I came up on broken homes," says the Empire artist. The Virginia-native relays a story of resentment, ambition, and the idea of being taken advantage in the industry. "Pay what you owe, or reap sow what karma has in store," he says. Miah's soulful melodies and wordsmith-like approach helps to portray the ups-and-downs of being an up-and-comer, from broken promises, unsettled money, lack of resources; yet having the talent to be utilized by the industry can be a plus and minus from his perspective.


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