M.i Drowning


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Let me get up in it Gotta show em what I wrote, yeah little bit of literature a lot of soul, yeah Sinner with a dope ear Vision ain't so clear Contacts make a difference when I go near / On sight, ima get her right She don't want it so serious Keep it all light like the sun do Providing us two enough to glow, yeah She radiate Yeah, this girl is gorgeous Ima get us to Forbes list Trust me babe, ima hustla I was taking L's, I was doing it to myself tho / Sometimes you don't realize how business is till the Sales close / I was fckn up, I was coming up short I still rose (steal rose) Like I was broke on valentines I keeps it real so Don't be surprised When I pull up Up in that 67 12 up in the back like Stockton https://genius.com/Michael-rafael-drowning-remix-lyrics
  • Producer: Jahaan Sweet
  • Added on: Jul 30th, 2017