Mark Genesis The Passion

  • Producer: TripPop
  • Album: The Passion - Single
  • Added on: Jan 11th, 2019 by Mark Genesis
I've always desired to reach out to people through my music. I've always wanted to inspire change. I've always wanted to change a life. I have set out to do just that. My new record 'The Passion' is a song I wrote that I myself and millions of other people can relate to. It's a song about finding that one thing that sets your soul on fire, finding the driving force behind your existence on this planet. I myself went through this process and thankfully, my dream was curated very quickly but it doesn't always work that way. I wrote this song for the fighter, the lost one, searching for the dream, searching for their reason to keep going. I wrote this song to ignite a flame in someone. I wrote this song to reignite the flame in the ones who found their passion and have lost hope. And to keep the flame ignited in the ones working hard to get to their destiny. Music inspires change and change inspires music. It won't change the entire world but we can take it step by step and maybe, just maybe we can change most of the world.


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