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i steady be winning steady be chillin hop on da beat you know i be killin yea i stack my bands to da celing ima get rich i jus got dat feelin with my crew we robbin and stealin beast in da night yo car went missin wit yo girl she suckin and spittin rappin dem verses lets get back to business im gettin hot like i got on a sweater chains on my neck it changing the weather ratotouile we chasin da cheddar start at the bottom but im gettin better she love me so much she writing me letters go ahead and king me like some checkers up in da lab call me dex dexter wallet swoled up like a damn wrestler and yea i can flex without louis and gucci take her to me and go watch a movie none of yall gang all yall some groupies you only hard cuz yo ass some fruity we cant do this stabbin and shootin and i stuck to my self ain no time to be hoopin if you want bands come and join up the movement you ain running bands tf is you doin and yea i wrote dis shit by myself we all got flags not talkin bout refs up in da gym givin my wallet some reps drownin myself swimmin like m phelps i been independent ion need no help you niggas fake like elf on da shelf burning up like

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