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[HOOK] Remove Your Top Like A Bitch (Aye!) Niggas Nintendo They Switch (Aye!) I Was Just Whipping In The Kitchen Bitches Never Listen Nigga Pay Attention I Been On A Mission Niggas Think I'm Missing Focus On My Vision How The Fuck You Living? No More Fucks Is Given Jesus Know I'm Sinning Niggas Just Beginning I Been Plotting On A Mothafuckin' Million [VERSE] I Been Plotting For A Mothafuckin' Minute Bitches Looking Nervous Niggas Looking Timid Your Life Is Just Foolery Flexing In That Fake Jewelry None Of That Shit Was Cool To Me So Don't Bring None Of That Bull To Me Or Maybe That's Just The Bull In Me My Money And Soul Be Emerald Green Surfboard Spaceboy Tidal Wave Asteroid She Dog I'm A Dog Bad Bitch Good Boy Alpha Dog Underdog Trap Phone Android Flexed Up Steroid Fuck Shit I Avoid

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