Lucien Parker Hooked

  • Producer: Tone Jonez
  • Added on: Aug 30th, 2019 by Lucien Parker
Description: Lucien Parker is no stranger to the intricacies of intimacy. He speaks from the soul and aims for the heart, baring himself whether wrong or willing. "Hooked” finds Parker centering a playful energy in the power of what good love can do. Guided by the future-tinted G-funk of Tone Jonez, Parker's serenade to a lover neither fixates on the physical, nor romanticizes far into cliche; he conjures a soulful aura to depict a warmth in the sexuality he explores with another. “Hooked” sounds just how the honeymoon phase feels: Parker revels in the ecstasy of the bedroom while surrendering himself to a newfound love that leaves him more whole than ever before. It’s a few paces faster than a slow jam, but pulsates along like a heartbeat or a headboard. It’s sex-positive, without sacrificing the sexiness; smooth and bold, but respectful and gentle”.
-Michael Penn II


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