Lil Crazed Buy a Heart (Remix) ft. Phlip

  • Added on: Feb 2nd, 2015 by Lil Crazed
Lyrics: ~cruise through in a new coupe, new shoes and a new boo, ou, who that new dude, all your friends in your ear like a bluetooth, asking what did you do, what happened to you two? ah, you tell them that i wasn’t ready, for love and afraid of infidelity, but you hid from them the things that you were telling me, like every single text that you neglected minutes after 3, faith? shit, that was a biggie, and you lost it with me, cuz i'm in the city, hitting all the clubs and sipping on all the bub, not seeing all of the green i was bringing home with me, you couldn’t find trust in a fella, nah, even tho i never gave a reason not to, but you let the past come pass and haunt ya, and now the future we was seeing is all gone too


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