Rah-C Money

  • Album: Dark Matter
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Produced by Rah-C & fissure.

Engineered by Noble Thomas

Artwork by Turi (@Turimadeit)

#RahC #Money

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Quarter tank of gas gotta last me night
Hard to budget when broke But i guess it’s alright
I hit the bro up to smoke My day been dragging despite All the pointless shit I’ve done but first I grab me a bite I’m talking sesame chicken and brown rice
What a combo
Slap that ass like a bongo Ratatat on my speakers While women who act like divas think they just too good for convos Then hit me late in life as single mothers trapped in condos Woah I shouldn’t say it but I did it of course You think you got yourself a keeper cause she down on all fours So now you tryna play the protective lock up all her doors Until I’m hired for construction there to rip up the floors I’m like a clover
Talk to me when I’m sober Hopefully my composure and range gone earn


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