justanotheraccount_enjoyImagine Dragons- Radioactive (Synchronice Dubstep Remix) [DUBSTEP CRACKED]

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song Description:

So, while browsing through Youtube, there was a remix of Radioactive- Imagine Dragons, which was posted by AirwaveMusicTV. In the comments section, a user named HeroRepublic posted this: Steps To Awesomeness! 1. Open 2 windows of the song 2. Put the 1st windows volume at 100% 3. Put the second windows volume at somewhere in between 50-75% 4. Go to the 1st window and start it now wait 5. When the song hits 0:45 press start on the second window 6. Enjoy! >:D People wanted the results of this posted as one song, so that they wouldn't have to open up 2 windows and work to get the song right. Well, here it is. Enjoy!

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