Yobi Home Run

Yobi & Remi ~ INTRO ~ Remi: Sound... Zaki: Content... Gotta, I gotta say that word right... Remz, yamsayin? Content... Content. Remi: I feel you brodie Zaki: ConTENT Remi: Yeah Zaki: CONtent, yamsayin? Remi: Yeah... 2 PAC: "Never Ignorant, Gettin' Goals Accomplished" ZAKI: ~ Verse 1 ~ 2 Pac with the 2 cents We never short on content tell my team to voyage with the fam and make it honest Fake friends fuck your bitches like they fuck your pockets You gotta drop em Like these beats I chopped up in kitchen, organically grown ambitiously written and thats been the vision, yeah Hidden message listen close and you might get a pigeon Door to door to door like a new religion Just another asshole Some say I'm a rascal This hoe and that foe Kill em with rap flow Got a lot niggas hoping I fall


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