Jay Rogue RogueLyrics - Aint got nothin left

  • Feat. Jay Rogue
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  • Album: Aint got nothin left" single
  • Added on: Oct 9th, 2019 by Jay Rogue
Doesn’t really ever matter what I say or do very part about you creates its own specific mood it never really makes a difference If I'm ever bleeding too Tried to settle for Seattle but I'm lovin santa cruise I wanna take you away I got nothing to loose I'll end up in my grave either way Likely by my hand tied noose snap my neck in one or two I'll surely follow through just need a little happy juice Even tho I'm already wasted because of you Got a pocket full of love You got a bad attitude I wish I didn't love so much but I guess I fuckin do It's a bigger problem for me than it is for you I'm tired of these problems popping out of the blue I'll never understand You say I have no clue I guarantee that I'm getting played but fuck it do just what you do I'm a little worried now that I'm caught up in your little rues Fight the feelin just get lost in tunes Doesn't matter what I do so I do what I do I got some things that will change everything I'm tired of these problems  always balancing my good and bad decisions With a limit Had to fix a couple things or either end it Nearly did but instead I chose defend it at the end of the message imma send it
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