Jay Emmanson Miracle God

  • Producer: Jay Emmanson
  • Album: Single
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Jay Emmanson releases he's debut single "MIRACLE GOD" This song talks about the mighty power of God. Jay is a graced music minister,a praiser & a worship leader with a mandate to bring souls to God through worship. Lyrics
Solo: I believe,that my miracle is here
I believe,that healing is taking place.
Oh.. I believe that my joy has been restored
I believe yes i receive...

Call:I believe..
All: I believe that my miracle is here
I believe that healing is taken place
I believe that my joy has been restored
I believe, yes I receive.... (2x)

Chorus: Yahweh, you're the miracle worker..
Yahweh,come and do great things
Yahweh,you're the answer to my . Prayers. Yahweh..
Yaweh.. Solo/music interlude:
You're the king of kings
Your the lord of lords
Your the everlasting God
Miracle worker.
(BRIDGE) (2x)
Call: You're the prince of peace
Resp. Glorious ..
Call: You're the lord of lord's
Resp. Mighty God ..
Call. You're the faithful God..
Resp. Faithful God.. All: You reign forever more..

Solo: U are my healer,you are my saviour, you are my shelter..
Common every body
(All) (3x) U are my healer
U are my saviour
U are shelter...
Miracle God...

Miracle God....


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