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All styles used: House, Electro Dub, Minimal, Chill Out, Soul, Funk, Electro Soul, Nu Disco, Reggae, Electric House, Techno *ECM Electronic Crossover** Music of different electronic, traditional & cultural music styles. He YOU...let go!..3..2.1 FUNK UP!....Neither up- nor downtown Funk....Funk for all, a little seasoned, finely tasted by the Chief Mixer I. C. H. Beatbuster himself A little Reggae is also there Motiv for the cover is a tree trunk designed by an artist/girlfriend to a finger May the Rhythm be with you I. C. H. Beatbuster Composed & Arranged by I. C. H. Beatbuster Cover image made by I. C. H. Beatbuster Picture for the Cover image made by I. C. H. Beatbuster Created with MAGIX*** Music Maker Premium **Wikipedia wikipedia.org/wiki/Crossover_music ***MAGIX www.maglx.com

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