Jygga_Lo Jay Z ft Beyonce (Born & Clyde) Cover Song a.k.a- Nachotaka.

  • Feat. Sia
  • Producer: [True Name] Vocalz & Mixing [Mesen Selekta]
  • Album: 5:55 Dar-es- Salaam
  • Added on: Jul 21st, 2017 by HotSwahiliHipHop.com
First, Tupac Shakur because it uses his 1996 ‘Me and My Girlfriend,’ This was when everyone was firstalking about BEYONCE and JAY Z. As a songwriter, you can’t help but express your life through your music.Now I present my Swahili Version Jygga_Lo ft. Sia (Born & Clyde) Cover Song a.k.a- Nachotaka.


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