Hard Knock Life Podcast 017: Clout Chasers & Culture Vultures ft. Kevito Clark

Editor, writer, and storyteller Kevito Clark joins in a bold and insightful conversation about clout chasers and cultures and their impact on Hip-Hop culture and business. Lyor Cohen, DJ Vlad, DJ Akademiks and Adam22 of No Jumper are the most notorious targets of these labels, but how accurate are the charges?

Guests: Kevito Clark, TW: twitter.com/kevitoclark, IG: instagram.com/kevitoclark, NEWSLETTER: mailchi.mp/125c7faa0eb1/jag-27…ito-says-feb-5-2019
Melton, IG: instagram.com/notmarinkd

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  • Added on: Feb 12th, 2019

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