Hello White People Hello, Clendenin Pennyless Reem

*DISCLAIMER* LONG EPISODE. We are joined today by a unique group of guest. Pom & Colton from the Hater Ball Show w/ the interesting Kay Vega. The guys recap the Summer Show, Kay tells us about her families interesting lineage of names, and Pom & Colton explain their friend leaving their show because of allegedly being told "Suck my dick."Todays Topic:Save One Shoot OneWhite Person of the MonthWhite Action of the MonthFOLLOW US & GUEST:Pom(Instagram): @Kingpom(Twitter): @PomwitdaskimaskColton(Instagram): @Thecoltonshow(Twitter): @NotcoltonatallKay Vega(Instagram & Twitter): @ThekayvegaOrlando(Instagram & Twitter): @DearorlandoroyeJulis(Instagram & Twitter): @fuunyjulius
  • Added on: August 27, 2019

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