m. // sushibcu school package ✩ subliminal

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From m. // sushibcu: Momo's Benefits
━━✩ school package

get good grades
be a straight a student
get all As
ace any test, quiz, and exam
desired academic abilities
memorize everything
always turn in homework on time
always get homework done
make amazing and high quality projects
always get As on project assignments
learn things easily
absorb information from school like a sponge
be intelligent high IQ be the teacher’s favorite student
favored by all teachers
win all school awards
desired school life
attract your crush / attract a boyfriend
attend desired school
get scholarships and multiple opportunities
be good at every subject
easily learn foreign languages
desired career path

⁰¹ you will only manifest the results you desire
⁰² permanent and safe results
⁰³ includes exaggerated affirmations for a powerful and faster effect
⁰⁴ booster / instant results is included
⁰⁵ drink plenty of water
⁰⁶ have the volume at 20-60%


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