Miss Subliminals Perfect School Life ll Good Student - Improved ll Subliminal

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From Miss Subliminals:

Affirmations include:
- Become the best student ever
- Photographic memory
- Audiographic memory
- Remember everything you are taught in class.
- Pass all classes and tests with A's
- Have the highest grades
- Be more intelligent
- Good studying method
- Better time management
- Be more confident in what you know
- Be more participative in class
- Always try to respond to teachers' questions
- Extremely good concetration and focus
- Always know the answers to tests
- Learn anything instantly
- Easily recall anything you learn
- Intuitive aptitude
- Hypercompetence
- Read faster
- Be good at maths, history, biology, chemistry, etc..
- Learn any language you desire
- Speak publicly with confidence
- Win debates
- Neat and improved handwriting
- Be relaxed during class
- Stop procrastination
- Self-love
- Get rid of anxiety
- Teachers are nice to you
- Classmates are nice to you
- People from your school are nice to you
- Attract true loyal friends
- Meet new exciting people
- Attract your crush
- Attract your desired partner
- Everyone finds you beautiful
- Have an attractive aura
- Manifest what you desire using LOA
- Get rid of intrusive thoughts


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