Grass Routes Podcast Episode 27: Eminem vs. Joe Budden, Do music beefs even exist, 50 Cent chang

  • Feat. Naz
On today's episode of Grass Routes Podcast, Naz(not the rapper once again joins Erin Simon and Brandon Killabh Hall to discuss the media world's discussion about if Eminem dissed Joe Budden. Would Joe Budden come out of retirement if Eminem dropped a diss track or no? (8:36)

And if this is considered a beef, do beefs even exist? What is a beef these days? (19:50)


Additional Time Stamps

Brandon's friend's ex purposeful performs oral sex on friend while he is alseep (1:19)

Are we excited about new 50 Cent music (23:45)

Surprise phone call from an artist out of the blue (22:46)

How 50 Cent has changed television with 'Power' (24:40)

What other rappers would do well in the TV industry (26:51)
  • Producer: Brandon "Killabh" Hall & Erin Ashley Simon
  • Added on: Jan 16th, 2018