The Good, the Bad & the Just Plain Standard 080.0 - MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS (2018) - OSCARS 2019

Bilingual corner about the title, Monthy Python’s sketch, a nasty feeling, would Mary be spiking French or Scots?, Yann’s biaises, screen directorial debut from a prolific theatre director, Margot Robbie, Saoirse Ronan’s Scottish accent, mother tongue, accuracy, Stuart/Stewart, filming in Scotland, lightning, Hollywoodized small pox, fact about Liz 2, our ratings, some other unrelated things and reaching 20K listens.

This episode was recorded after the Oscars 2019 were awarded; still, you’ll be able to hear our consolidated post-ceremony comments in the Oscars 2019 special coming next.

NB: If you are a patron, you can enjoy the ‘clock incident’ in its entirety in the video. It’s been removed from the audio edit as Adam did not have a mic and it sounds weird.


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