Fox Poetica Overload (Prod. Murder She Spoke)

  • Producer: Murder She Spoke
  • Album: Kitsune EP
  • Added on: Nov 14th, 2013 by Fox Poetica
The weight of a thousand suns Burdened on my aching back, And though the bottles seem absolving My wretched soul still fades to black. I've fallen to my knees, crying out my desperate plead For someone to save me. I'm about to take a leap of faith Jumping off the edge of the world to reach newfound gates. Letting go of all this weight; this overload I'm coming home. Woe is me to believe that I was content to see myself become the monster I swore I'd never be. Now I stand before an unwinding road. So daunting it seems so infinite, yet My eyes have become so clairvoyant. (This is the end of a dying age & the birth of a new era)


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