A-Trak & Falcons Ride For Me

Editor's Notes: There are few artists as energetic and elastic in their approach as Young Thug. Who better to bring out Thugger’s weird side than Fool’s Gold Records founder and producer A-Trak? Working with Thugger’s vocals since 2013, and paring him up with Atlanta crooner 24hrs, this single is yet another showcase of the absurd, eclectic, and malleable nature of Young Thug. “Ride For Me” is addictive and otherworldly. There are moments on the cut where Thug does not sound of this plane, but rather, an alien MPC come to life and sent to earth to grace us with good music. 24hrs plays the important role of counterforce, adding a touch of reality to the otherwise fantastical single. All the while, A-Trak’s creeping production has this single sounding like it’s on the brink of explosion.


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