Flipp Dinero Wanna Ball

Editor's Notes: Two of New York’s finest trapping wordsmiths, Flipp Dinero and Jay Critch, link up for their rowdy new single: “Wanna Ball.” On the mic, both Dinero and Critch bring an irresistible charisma and energy, turning even the simplest banger into a show of personality and proof that New York never stops moving music forward. “Wanna Ball,” a hustle anthem if there ever was one, is no different. With the syllables rolling off Critch’s tongue as he spits an effortless feature verse and Flipp Dinero’s blooming energy, “Wanna Ball” grabs our attention with no signs of letting go. The single is the perfect display of what the new New York does best: bridge the gap between trap soundscapes and timeless New York wordplay and technical skill. Whether you’re here to get lost in the production or to hear how Flipp and Jay are nice with the pen, “Wanna Ball” is a portrait of the new New York, and a fine example of how the city is moving music forward.


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