Pastor David Tshibambe The masterpiece Bride part 6

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The masterpiece Bride part 6 preached by Pastor David Tshibambe on Sunday, 29 July 2018.

Ruth 1 : 16 - 17
Philippians 1: 6
Ruth 2: 2

76 If anybody misinterpret Jesus Christ in the Bible, of not being God Himself, make Him the second Person, or one God out of three, this would upset every Word in the entire Bible. It would break the first commandment, “Thou shalt not have any other god before Me.” All right. It would make the whole Christian race a bunch of pagan worshippers worshipping three different gods. See what kind of a Bible you’d have? Then it’d make us what the Jews say we are. Said, “Which one of them gods is your God?” See? So, you see, you can’t…You mustn’t misinterpret the Bible.

For, Jesus Himself is the interpretation of the Bible, when He’s made manifest in the age that the part of His Body is being made manifest. If it’s a hand age, it must be a hand; it can’t be a head age. If it’s a voice age, well, then, it can’t be a foot age. See? And now we’re at the eye age. And now the next, is Him Hisself, to come. Seeing; prophetic!

77 See, down through the age, we started off from the foundation, from the first church age; when the Seed went in the ground, the comple


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