Femi ft Isasha & Poison - Island Gyal Island Gyal

  • Producer: Femi ft Isasha & Poison
  • Album: Island Gyal
  • Added on: Dec 11th, 2019 by Femi
Fueled by the Caribbean’s bright boastful energies and their abundance of beautiful women, “Island Gyal” is a representation and celebration of the Caribbean’s finest treasures, their women.
It tells a story of a woman eagerly wanting all of a man’s love, convincing him that all Island girls are the best, him reciprocating and ambitiously giving all of his love to an “Island Gyal” (Island girl). This is also brought across with the passionate, warm vocals of Trinidadian Reggae Sensation ISASHA (Brendan Young) and Mc’d with vibrant, strong vocals of Poison sounds (Shane St Hillaire) also hailing from the tropical twin island Trinidad & Tobago.

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