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This subliminal aims to give you:
Safely get subliminal results instantly.
Get instantly noticeable results.
Help make subliminal results permanent.
Removes Blockages and mental clutter.
Stronger subconscious mind.

I recommend using this booster 2-3 times before each subliminal topic for best results. Remember that you may not get rapid results at first, so make sure to stay positive, and drink water. Listen to this subliminal at 50% or lower volume.

What is a SILENT SUBLIMINAL? Silent subliminals are non-audible brain entrainment recordings. Unlike binaural beats, the frequencies are not layered with music or ambient sounds of any kind. This makes them inaudible to the human ear. A subliminal track is usually made up of voice recordings transposed into high-level frequencies. These frequencies penetrate the brain without your awareness.


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