Frank Richie Ft Blaqbones Shut up (prod by Emkay star)

  • Feat. Blaqbones
  • Producer: Itz Emkay star productions
  • Album:
  • Added on: Oct 21st, 2019 by Emkay star
It Emkay star productions
Guy tell a man "SHUT UP"
Who are you talking to ?
OGs want a dead shot, at the rapman
It ain’t nothing, but I’m that Batman
Slick like a catman, staring at the same man
Out my shoot it can’t hit you flash man
Y’all rap without bars
Claiming you’re a rapper i kno your pants sizes
Y’all fight for best I’m on this rap shit
Me and my gang pull up in tha Benz shit
You hating on me ?No competition no mercy
They trynna Judge like they know my genesis
Y’all fuck off
I don’t give a fuck
Still grinding and still popping in the club
Fucking with ya father yeah I’m the boss
Repping my hood making my momma proud
Still stacking more all I wanna smoke is loud
Able God gat me balling
All these niqqas shouting woww
Y’all know I rap it well
I’m the only messiah they got
Y’all gon bow
Shout out to blaqboy I hail baba ooo


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