Rain Man Bring Back The Summer (Dave Edwards Remix)

  • Feat. Oly
Feeling the mix? Repost it so more people can hear! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok so you’re prob sitting there, with half the tracks in your Soundcloud feed being Bring Back the Summer remixes, being like what on earth made someone want to do yet another one…I get that. And yea, this may have knocked off Hello or Somebody I Used to Know for most remixed song of all time - the amount of trap arms thrown to this track already is seriously mind-boggling. BUT…I had to do it. If you’ve been following me for a while you know I don’t shy away from songs that have been remixed to death (Kanye, Lights, The Feeling…) and that I always bring something new to the table.
  • Added on: Jun 6th, 2016