E.Z Monstaar Parody (prod. by Jahlil beats)

  • Feat. A.J
  • Producer: Jahlil Beats
  • Album: Levels
  • Added on: Dec 24th, 2015 by E.Z
Connect : facebook.com/eazyeyez This a parody. Nuff said. Lyrics: We gets it bustin' like its Mardi Gras. I got the slickest flow you eva heard im on the wall, Maybe i got at you, and you flippin, cas i disregard. F*** it, i don't give a f***, i prolly kill em all. --Get em.-- Me n AJ f*** the game up, u like a chinchilla I done f****n kept my aim up. Misery for my haters i dont f****n thank ya'll, given you're given by him i wont forget to thank God. --Oh God-- Wrist blingin', dip all season. Real Hip-Hop, don't mistake it as treason. I got way more flows, this just a basic treatment. Its the slow flow for the clubbin pplz. mmm.. Beat courtesy of Jahlil Beats.


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