DJ E-Clyps Pancakes (DJ E-Clyps Bass Batter Mix)

  • Album: Panckes (DJ E-Clyps Bass Batter Mix)
  • Added on: Aug 10th, 2018 by DJ E-Clyps
Producer of unreleased gem 'Hollup', a track that came from nowhere to become one of the standout records of the 2017, DJ E-Clyps goes all in with 'Pancakes', his debut track for Classic Music Company. Booming with attitude and sticky, shuddering bass, 'Pancakes' is a fully stacked all-day-breakfast kind of a record; indulgent, booty-shaking and with an intense club dynamic. E-Clyps' hip-hop background is evident thanks to fully bottomed-out bass and husky vocal hook. Bacon and maple syrup optional. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, he bangs out a serious remix of his own... enjoy.


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