DJ DAX heart (Freeverse)

  • Producer: wyt
  • Album: heart (Freeverse) - Single
  • Added on: Jan 9th, 2018 by DJ DAX
An update straight from the heart. New DAX album Valentine's Day.
Production by the homie wyt.

Logging in, my hittas, it's evident, we're
Killing all innocents and leaving no evidence
When I'm talking money, I'm getting it, in a sense, I'm
Better with eloquence, can't circle me with the pen

(Praa!) Ritalin, I'm snapping with wit again, 'cause I
Can't focus, when every note is (straight)
Stored with dopeness, (wait) bro, I don't miss
Broke but don't fix, my hope in quotes is

..."magnum opus", in
Fact, you'll notice on you the joke is
So? That's show biz - I deserve a shawty with
Roses and those hips (and) lipstick on both lips

Fire when blow kiss, so folks record this
In fact, smile back, I've stolen your goldfish
Team. Future. Boy, we. On ma.
Nuevers. You know. How we. Do


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