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Verse: Want no drama, pushing commas, and that is word To your mama, spit that sauna, punchlines straight One Punch, Saitama, haters tryna' bite off me like They piranhas, Automata, 2B how I Move katanas, got no genres, high heels, thigh highs She's a dama, got programas, rebel, I do What I wanna', you want no problems, can't see what I See for starters, we the martyrs, be honest Aye, shout out 2B, she keeps saying glory to me, my chick Really bad and 2D, cooking heat, Ratatouille, got her Whole fit looking grayscale (damn) I get paid well Android that can raise hell (damn) make your face melt 18 is my year, feel my time is "NieR" Kept the style weird, on another tier Bracers, swords or spears, striking foes with fear Made a song 'bout 2B without talking 'bout her rear

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