D Jay Bo Norr

  • Producer: Prod by RoDe MuSik
  • Album: BO Norr-(Prod by RoDe MuSik)
  • Added on: Jun 30th, 2019 by D Jay
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D Jay!! Ao Ataa Ny)m) é

Eeee. Lord you dey ma heart o

Everyday and night ee

DJay!! See God ano get nothing and i dont know what to say,

Ajust dey suffer abeg come show me the way,

And if you make ablow anever go remain this way,

The way the enemy go see, dem stare dey laugh ee.. chorus Ew) Hallelujah... Hem)mi Bon)) ji yehowa.

You give me life and the blessings just dey follow.

Oh Hallelujah... Hem)mi bo n)) ji yehowa e

OHami noko and the yeye just dey double.

D Jay! Dem figa say dem try critisize, Then later dem dey want emphasize, On ma music wey dey bost demma jw3m)! Demma jw3m)! O Happy day, Me monkey ano dey work,

Now ajust dey ball, adey cruise my jeep and Prado.

Back in the day when adey Hustle,

Be mmi ni miibi blodo po.

Daabe s)lem) mli po.

Shi ololo minako noko.

See God ano get nothing and i dont know what to say,

Baaha mi noko ao ataa ny)m) ee

And if you make ablow, anever go remain this way,

Gobe baaya gobe baaya gobe .. Enemies go shame.. REPEAT CHORUS Now Now Now adey matter,

Now my name dem dey matter.

Cause adey occupy space

Cause adey occupy space o


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