JA The DragAn Shorty WaP

Biography JA The DragAn is a 28-year- old American Songwriter, Artist, Producer, & Instrumentalist born in Cincinnati Ohio. The “JA” stands for his initials Jason Anevski, and “The DragAn,” came from his grandfather who helped raise him growing up whose real name was DragAn in influential memory of him. - JA The DragAn is a unique, fast paced, fun, up-tempo, hip-hop artist that brings fire to every track! He also produces R&B & Pop songs that bring the heat! On 4/20/16 JA The DragAn released his 14 song 2nd Album “The DragAn 2” Now on i-Tunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, & more: Newest Single: JA The DragAn Shorty Wap (feat. Layzie Bone & Big Sloan)


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