The Boombox Theatre Here I Go Again

Bar for bar, L.E.O. (Love Equals Omnipotence) is dangerous with his wordplay, but when the Q-Borough emcee teams up with borough-mate beat smith Carnage, the duo is lethal. With a stripped down, piano guided beat joined together by potent lyrics that would make El-P blush, "Here I Go Again" is an enigmatic jam that stresses minimalism over everything. Whereas Carnage forges a mellow instrumental through the use of a chilling Annie Lenox sample from "A Thousand Beautiful Things," L.E.O. goes straight to the dome with his own brand of heavy rhymes delivered hook-free, for 48 bars straight that plays off Lenox's vocal sample on every fourth measure. This is just one of the many bangers featured on the duo's free album, The Boombox Theatre, which gets set to drop Friday, March 7th.
  • Producer: Carnage
  • Album: The Boombox Theatre
  • Added on: Feb 28th, 2014