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Pexels Studios, I thank you for being the provider of art photography on the Internet.
I appreciate that everyone sees my artwork before they hear my music. But I have one problem, or had one problem before Pexels. I am completely blind. So that certainly means I can’t take the photography myself.
But there’s more. On Pexels.com, they do a fine job of tagging the photos with good descriptions, so a blind musician like me in need of some artwork can search, then check out the results by reading the description.
On their site, this is the description for the art in this video:
Brown tabby kitten sleeping inside bowl

So not only do they provide photography for personal and commercial use, but they also provide great descriptions for those of us who can’t see it.
Now what the online systems do to that photo when I post music videos here and in stores? That’s anybody’s guess I suppose. So if it’s cropped or pinched in any way, don’t blame the dedicated artists submitting their art to Pexels Studios.
Please feel free to head on over there and show them a little love:
They could use all the love, donations, and publicity you can give them.


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